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Focus Groups

Want to learn what people really think about your brand? Focus group discussions bring out detailed and honest reactions in a relaxed setting.

Focus groups offer great flexibility in that they can cover a wide range of topics in a variety of settings with a diverse set of individuals. Discussions typically last an hour or two. Those who participate are asked a series of questions regarding a product or service, or they are asked to try the it.

Focus groups can be conducted at your location or at a research facility, using a group that you assemble or a group we recruit, among other variables. If the discussion is conducted from a research facility, you can see reactions from behind a two-way mirror.

What Focus Groups Can Do
  • Provide information on how groups perceive a particular product, service or topic
  • Provide greater insight into why certain opinions are held
  • Improve the planning and design of new programs
  • Provide a means of evaluating existing programs
  • Provide insights for developing strategies for outreach
Advantages of Focus Groups
  • Group dynamics reveal verbal and non-verbal differences of opinion as participants interact with and respond to others in a group
  • Direct interaction with participants allows for clarification, follow-up questions and probing
  • Responding in their own words, participants reveal deeper levels of meaning allowing us to make important connections and identify subtle nuances

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